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Becoming a member of The Longfellow Clubs is easy and fun. We have a simple joining process and work to ensure you understand all of the membership options available to you.

We understand that each person and family is different and we know that one size does not fit all. We offer different types of memberships (tennis, finess, etc.) and individual and family options. We strongly encourage you to email us or call us to set up an appointment so that one of our fine membership representatives can show you around the club, find out about your fitness needs, and explain the wide ranging options of memberships available to you.

Making the choice to join Longfellow is one of he best investments you’ll ever make, and certainly merits a visit to Longfellow to see for yourself the wonderful potential you have to become strong, healthy, and happy.

For membership information or a complimentary one week trial pass, please contact:

The Longfellow Club – Wayland (508) 358-7355 Email Wayland Membership

Longfellow Sports Club – Natick (508) 653-4633 Email Natick Membership

Natick Racquet (508) 653-4606 Email Natick Racquet Membership

Lumina at Longfellow (508) 358-6022 Email Lumina Membership