Weight Loss & Nutrition

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Our Philosophynutrition

The Longfellow registered dietitians educate and support individuals of all ages to develop balanced and sensible eating habits, promoting a healthy body weight and a positive relationship with food.

What makes our services unique?

We individualize to accommodate your lifestyle and food preferences.

Our coaching is a partnership with you.   Together we develop your food.

We help to make healthy eating realistic and affordable.

Your plan will include your favorite foods.

With a positive approach to change, we inspire motivation that reasonably healthy eating will make a difference in your capacity to maintain a healthy weight and improve the quality of your life.

It’s not a diet. This is an approach to make lasting & enjoyable changes.

We give guidance for specific medical nutrition issues including (but not limited to) inflammation, GI issues (irritable bowel, gluten allergies etc.), diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure & weight loss.

We will introduce some new foods to include with the foods you already know and love.

We provide individual and group sessions.

Follow up visits are powerful and important because we can get feedback from you on the positive changes and the challenges.  From there, we can adjust your eating plan accordingly.

WE make nutrition FUN-something you want to do, not something you have to do!


 We now offer group programs!  Register today for our Habits For Health and Happiness classes, a Genavix program.