Welcome to The Longfellow Sports Club, Natick, MA

The Playroom

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NurseryEnjoy your workout while we watch your children! The Longfellow Sports Club’s experienced Playroom staff will care for your child in a safe and playful environment while you workout. Our prices are $6.00/hour for your first child and $4.00/hour for each additional sibling. Reservations are required. Walk-ins are only accepted based on space and staff availability.

Playroom Hours

Monday: 8:30am-2:00pm
Tuesday: 8:30am-2:00pm
Wednesday: 8:30am-2:00pm
Thursday: 8:30am-2:00pm
Friday:8:30am-12:00 noon
Saturday and Sunday: 9am-11:45am

Maximum stay for any child is 2 hours and 15 mins. In order for us to maintain a sanitary and healthy Playroom, please do not bring you child if they are sick. Please label all belongings, especially cups. Please make sure your child’s needs are met before bringing them to the nursery. We provide a snack (cheerios) for your child, so please do not bring any outside food into the Playroom. Our determining factor is safety. When busy, we have a waiting list. Please call if you are unable to come in.

Holiday Hours

Columbus Day: 9:00am-Noon
Veteran’s Day: 9:00am-Noon
Martin Luther King Day: 9:00am-Noon
Christmas Eve Day: Closed

New Year’s Eve – 9:00 –  Noon


The Playroom is closed on Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter Sunday, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Note: If Natick Public Schools are closed due to a snow day, we will try to open. There may be an hour or two delay. Call first to make sure we are open!