Junior Tennis

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10 and Under Tennis

Zip Tennis – Red Ball/Red Court Programs

Longfellow’s Zip Tennis program makes tennis fit the player.  We follow the USTA’s 10 & Under program utilizing smaller courts, shorter racquets and low compression balls allowing 4 – 8 year olds to experience tennis sooner!

Zip Tennis has 4 levels:

  • Pre Zip:  4- 5 year olds
  • Zip I:  5 – 7 year olds
  • Zip II: 6 – 8 year olds
  • Zip III: advance players up to age 8


USA Tennis – Orange and Green Ball Programs

Ages 8-12 years old: The USA Tennis program is designed to fit players playing tennis for the first time up to the more experienced player.  Like the Zip Tennis program, we utilize both orange ball/orange court and green ball programs.  Experienced tennis professionals, using a games based approach to learning, keep the children excited about tennis and give them a solid foundation for the future.  All of our courts are permanently marked with blended lines for orange ball play!


Tournament Training Program

Ages 10-18 years old: The TTP is for competitive juniors looking to develop skills to improve their USTA tournament play.  In addition to footwork, stroke production and high percentage tactics, some classes include fitness, nutrition and mental toughness training.

High School Tennis Program

Ages 12 – 18 years old: The Longfellow Pre-High School/High School program is designed to meet all the needs of the aspiring and current high school tennis player.  If your child’s goal is to play high school tennis, we have the program for you.

Pre-High School Training: This program is for 7th and 8th graders who love tennis and are looking to make their High School team. The players in this program usually play some USTA tournaments, but their main focus is playing High School tennis.

Division II: These players are currently playing junior varsity tennis or are 9th graders looking to make their high school team and want to shape and refine their game. The curriculum is designed to focus on doubles play to get the high school player ready for the season.

Division I: These players are currently playing varsity tennis and want to shape and refine their game. The curriculum is designed for the player to get the most out of their time here, both in advanced technique development and advance tactics and strategy.

Match Play Program

At Longfellow we strongly believe that to become a well-rounded player, a junior must take private lessons, participate in clinics and also experience match play.  we offer many match play opportunities throughout the season.  Our match play programs take place on Friday nights and Saturday nights.  We also offer USTA Jr. Team Tennis as an option for many of our juniors.  USTA Jr. Team Tennis teams start with players in the 8 & Under division and we also have teams for the 10′s and 12′s age group.  This is a great way to introduce your child to playing tennis!