Adult Tennis

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Adult Tennis Programs / Instructional Programs

Adult Beginner Tennis

Come join Longfellow’s most successful adult program! In our 6 week sessions, you will learn how to play tennis instantly! You will meet people who you can practice and play with! A great way to learn or get back into tennis!

Drill and Play

The Drill and Play program is designed for specific levels (2.5-4.5). This class will work on the tactics of either singles or doubles play. The last half hour is supervised play with the pro putting the tactics into the strategy of match play.

Team Practices

We offer team practices each week for our teams. The team practices have a theme each week based on the skill and ability level of the teams. We encourage new members and non team members to participate as it helps keep the teams sharp!

Cardio Tennis

What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is a high energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body calorie burning aerobic workout.  It is a very social and fun class for all ability levels taught by a tennis teaching professional.  If you have never played tennis before, it is a great way to be introduced to the sport.  If you are an experienced player it is the best (and fun) way to train for tennis.  Most Cardio Tennis classes will be made up of mixed ability but you will get the appropriate work out because the tennis professional is skilled at creating the right level of challenge based on a player’s ability and fitness level.  The use of transitions balls  equalizes the playing field, ensuring a great workout.

Why should I take a Cardio Tennis Class?

  • It is a party on the tennis court!
  • The music will have you humming along while you are getting a great workout
  • A typical one hour Cardio Tennis  class consists of 6-8 participants.
  • On average, women burn 300 to 500 calories
  • Men burn between 500 to 1000 calories
  • Participants are able to achieve their effective heart rate zones with ease due to the fun factor
  • You can burn more calories in a Cardio Tennis class than playing singles, doubles, or in many other fitness activities
  • Provides interval training scenario which is an effective way to achieve heart health and fitness
  • It is a fun group activity where players of all ability levels can enjoy tennis together
  • While you are “playing” tennis, the primary focus is on getting a great workout
  • Helps fight the obesity crisis and offers alternative fitness options for those who do not like to go to the gym
  • You naturally improve your game because you are always moving, hitting tons of balls

So join us today for some Heart Pumping Fitness!

Group Clinics

We are happy to set up a private clinic for you and your friends or help you find a clinic that meets your needs.

Singles Flex League

One of our most popular programs for adults. You will play 5 – 6 singles matches against players at your level from either Longfellow or NRC. All play Is self scheduled. You sign up and the club places you in a competitive group based on your skill level.

Men’s Leagues

Longfellow has the reputation of having some of the most competitive men’s teams in the area.  We are members of several leagues throughout the year that play against other area clubs. CMITL, & USTA – both offer competitive singles and doubles play.

Women’s League

We offer both competitve working and daytime leagues for women, competing against area clubs.  If you have a flexible schedule, you can play both. We offer leagues at all levels throughout the year. DBH, CMITL, USTA, WSTL, & NWSTL.

Men’s Doubles Scramble’s

One of the most popular programs we offer is the Men’s Doubles Scrambles offered on Sunday’s from 9:00 – 11:00am.  Must be at least a 3.0 player to participate.

Grand Prix for Women

We offer a round robin doubles league throughout the winter. We have 2.0-3.0 levels covered! This is a year long commitment, so you can lock in your schedule. Offered on Wednesdays and Friday’s.

Private Lessons & Groups

The Longfellow club has all certified USPTA or PTR professionals who are always available for private, semi-private or special group instruction, based on their individual schedules.