Active Aging

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Welcome to Active Aging @ Longfellow!

The Longfellow Clubs are committed to creating programs that result in life-long health, well-being and personal transformation.  The Active Aging Program is a holistic approach that endeavors to add life to your years and years to your life.   We have allied ourselves with an international movement called The International Council on Active Aging to further the concept of aging well by being engaged in all aspects on your life.

Key components of happy and healthy aging are physical activity and a good diet.   Research has proven that when we keep moving and staying active we not only keep our bodies strong and resilient, but our minds sharp.   A sensible diet not only maintains a healthy body weight, but has also been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illness.   The Longfellow staff is trained and committed to working with you to find a program that helps you age actively and happily.  


Longfellow Active Aging programs include physical fitness programs of all types and sound nutritional education.  Current programs include-

  • Fitness consultation and personalized plan
  • Group Fitness Classes: Water exercise such as Gengle Joints Plus Core, Aqua Zumba and Land classes
  • Personal and small group training such as FITT for Active Agers
  • Nutrition counseling and Living in Balance group
  • Pickleball