Featured Member : Bob Crook

Bob Crook joined Longfellow in 1987, a full 25 years ago!  Bob, a consistently upbeat person, always seems to have a smile on his face.  During his years at Longfellow, Bob has come to especially love the community of the club.

In his youth, Bob was quite active.  He was captain of the 1969 Waltham High School Track Team, then received a track scholarship to Yankton College in South Dakota.  During his freshman year, however, he injured his joints and couldn’t run after that.

Bob ran into a roadblock back in 2009 when he underwent heart surgery.   Recuperation took time, but Bob stuck with it, using Longfellow 3-5 times weekly for weight control and to stay in shape.  He uses cardio, weights and the pool in his fitness program, and feels Jane Polley has been a great support in helping him with weight control.

Bob is doing great now.  He is the Coach and Organizer of the Longfellow Cape Cod Marathon Relay Team this fall, in fact he’s served in this role  since 2007.  This year’s event is a special one for Bob.  He is participating in this year’s team as his last fling at running.

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